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Rising, setting, and twilight

The tables below can be used to look up the Local Hour Angle (LHA) of a celestial body for a calculated height (Hc) of 0°,-6°, and -12°. The 'Rising & Setting' table can be used to calculate the LHA at rising or setting (Hc = 0°). With the 'Civil Twilight' and 'Nautical Twilight' tables the LHA of the sun at begin or end of civil twilight (Hc = -6°) and nautical twilight (Hc = -12°) can be calculated.

Rising & Setting Civil Twilight Nautical Twilight


Lunar distance

In the Nautical Almanac the lunar distance is shown for up to eight celestial bodies satisfying all requirements. If more than eight celestial bodies satisfy the requirements, celestial bodies with the smallest lunar distance are selected, evenly distributed between celestial bodies to the west and the east of the moon. The sun is always included.